Wake Up Method

Are you ready to WAKE UP?

The WAKE UP METHOD is a 6-WEEK personalized coaching program that will reset how you go about your day and establish life-changing, life-long habits for total wellness!

The WAKE UP METHOD is for you if you…

Wake-up feeling tired and unenthusiastic about starting the day (dream of getting back in bed)

Recently have gone through a big life event and are ready to make a change in a positive direction

Have experienced a loss of self and need help to prioritize self-care and self-compassion

Know the importance of a daily self-care routine but need structure and accountability partners

Self-motivated when given the tools to implement positive change or get back on track

This program really changed my life for the better. It gave me tools to use that changed the outcome of my day, just by learning to approach the day with a different mindset. I will continue to use the tools that I learned through this program to expand my knowledge and awareness.

Karen L.

Take Control of Your Day = Change Your Entire Year

The intention you set for your day can influence your physical and mental health and determine whether you coast through life or create the life you want.

Program Details

The Wake Up Method involves easy to incorporate steps so you can gain more energy, clarity and direction in your life. Waking up can mean that you are making the choice to live a more intentional and fulfilled life. Or, it can be taken literally to mean – what do you do when you first get out of bed? This program works to break down the practical steps of your morning routine which then connects the bigger picture of what you want your life to be. I make it very easy for you to have big breakthroughs that lead to lasting change beyond our 6 week journey together.

This program includes:

• 3 Weekly emails with action steps, content and journal prompts.

• An accountability partner relationship agreement to be sure you stay on track throughout the program

• Private FB group

• Email support with a certified coach

• Your Wake Up Method Guide

• Guided Meditations & Yoga

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