What the heck is a life coach?

What the heck is a life coach?

As a certified health and life coach I help you double your energy with simple, doable strategies, better lifestyle choices and time saving fitness so you can find yourself again.

I help moms who are overwhelmed with balancing healthy living and motherhood establish easy to implement habits without sacrifice. They can then feel present for themselves and their families.

I help people who are depleted, anxious and overwhelmed through one on one custom and individualized programs that are tailored to your specific health, fitness and lifestyle needs so you can feel present in life for the things you love doing.

Here are some examples of past clients, the problem they came to me for and how I solved it.

  • Finding clarity in where she was stuck in her career
  • Help her create time for herself to exercise and eat better. Created a solid plan for her fitness routine that she could stick that also took into account her specific chronic elbow injury. Changed her mindset around fitness and working out
  • Created options for a different way of eating and being. Helping him feel more alive again
  • Gave her the much needed push, support, and accountability that she desperately needed to make some critical lifestyle and metal shifts in her life

Often times people aren’t sure what a health coach or life coach does.

The main thing we focus on is helping you change habits. Habits can be so ingrained in us that we aren’t aware we are doing them. A coach can also identify the things that are stopping you or slowing you down from changing and give you the tools to implement them in a way that actually lasts rather than a quick fix because we focus a lot on mindset.

We know how to deliver information to people in a way that is effective rather than just information overload. Please feel free to reach with any questions. I hope this helps give you a better idea of what a coach can do for you.

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