Showing Up For Yourself

Showing Up For Yourself

What do the words, “self care” really mean? These words seem simple enough, right? You take care of yourself. While these words might be simple to say, they can be difficult to practice.

I had a great conversation recently with Trey Kauffman on his podcast, “One Mosaic Life”. Trey is an AMAZING interviewer and all around human being. He has a kind spirit and natural curiosity that will inspire you.

I shared some tips on meditation and self care because I believe these are the foundations for a better society. If you know how to calm your mind and you know how to take care of your body, then you can show up for others. The ripple effect then extends beyond your home and out into the world. Isn’t that what we want? How do we go wrong?

Here’s what I typically see that goes wrong.

People start with too big of a goal. Start small with manageable and realistic steps to build your confidence. Once you conquer those steps, move onto to bigger actions.

People try things they really don’t enjoy. If you don’t like yoga..don’t do it! Find things you enjoy doing (I am not saying you won’t start to enjoy yoga if you give it some time:). If you really want your health routine to last the test of time then find things you can stick with long term and not just for a few weeks or months. Now is the time to be honest with yourself. Our minds have a way of playing tricks on us allowing us to be fooled with the excuses we make up.

Here’s the link to my recent discussion with Trey Kauffman on his insightful podcast, “One Mosaic Life” if you would like to know more about how I chose to show up for myself.

Episode 67: Kristen Kurtz – Meditation, Self-Care & Showing Up for Yourself

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