One Way To Achieve Your Dreams

One Way To Achieve Your Dreams

How do we stay focused in an increasingly distracted world? It can be so hard to stay on track with your little daily tasks much less the long term goals and dreams you set out for yourself. We are constantly bombarded with things that are demanding our attention all day long. Or, are these things really demanding our IMMEDIATE attention? It’s hard to know what to focus on now and what to put off for later? Here are a few tips to help you get closer to achieving your dreams through the act of focusing!

#1) Know what time of day you feel most focused and productive. Most of us fall into the category of either a morning person or a night person. If you know you are more of a night owl, then plan your day accordingly to allow yourself to have a slower morning (even if you still have to get out the door for work..). You can do this by having your most important tasks delegated for the later portion of your work day. You can do the more medial or less important tasks earlier. Most people when given a little bit of attention to this do have enough control over their daily work schedule to organize themselves in a way that best for the way they work. This will make the most use out of your time and mind.

#2) The smartphone is the best invention is a lot of ways. It can also be your worst enemy if you are trying to stay focused on important work. Turn off any unnecessary alerts that may be vying for your attention. Avoid checking your email and better yet turn your phone to silent or airplane mode if your really want to up your focus!

Lastly, tip #3) Write it down!! Write down what is a priority for you to get done. Write down your future goals and dreams. You are a whopping 42% more likely to achieve it if you put pen to paper – 42%!!

Good luck this week focusing more on achieving your dreams. The world needs you living your best life so go for it!

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