How to Get More Sleep at Night

How to Get More Sleep at Night


It’s that thing we need to do daily to rejuvenate and restore every organ in our body and brain. We simply can’t live without it. In times of war, depriving people of sleep was used as a means of torture. I remember when I first had my daughter and people would say to me, “get your sleep now because you won’t be sleeping when the baby comes!” I rolled my eyes in disbelief. And then it happened! I was so exhausted I wasn’t making proper decisions for my health or mental well being. I certainly wasn’t functioning as a normal human being.

If the beloved S word has ever eluded you, here are a few tips to help you catch some more z’s.

  • Practice regular self rhythms – go to bed and wake at the same time as best you can daily
  • Leave the technology OUTSIDE of your bedroom (yes that means your phone)
  • Create a nice environment in your room that encourages sleep (no clutter, peaceful colors, darker curtains)
  • Create quiet if you don’t have it by using an eye mask or ear plugs
  • Avoid or reduce caffeine after noon
  • Take note of your alcohol intake – it may aid sleep initially but could interrupt the quality of your sleep
  • Get regular exercise and go outside daily for at least 20 minutes
  • Consider meditating
  • Eat no later than two hours before bed – a heavy meal can lead to a bad night’s sleep and impede your body’s detoxification process
  • Write your worries down.  Write what is causing you anxiety and make plans for what you can do the next day. This frees up your mind and energy for sleep
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