Home Yoga & Cocktails

Home Yoga & Cocktails

We all know that 2020 has been a doozy! Yes, there was some good, however, it’s safe to say we’ve ALL been through the ringer in some way this past year.

Cheers to you!

There are a few ways we can make being at home (still) more pleasurable. If you want to try doing yoga at home, here’s some tips to help bring the yoga studio to you:

1. Burn a candle or some incense.
2. Play some nice quiet music.
3. Listen to your body and do a class that seems like the perfect fit for what you need that day.

Now..onto cocktails!!

Staying at home (a lot!) and experiencing shorter days might mean that you’ve upped your adult beverage intake. Hey, it happens! If you feel like you might be sipping a bit too much, try this:

1. Ask yourself if you REALLY want that drink before you go for it. Odds are, if you wait about 10 minutes and distract yourself with something else, the urge will pass.
2. Try making a fun mocktail instead. There are so many great concoctions out there. You could go for the virgin or add just the tiniest touch of alcohol in there instead of pouring a huge drink.
3. Experiment with tea! This might sound silly but having the ritual of pouring something into a nice cup can trick your mind.

I look forward to the days we can all cheers in person with our mock or cocktails again!! I wish you all the best AND MORE in 2021!!

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