5 Ways To Calm Your Mind

5 Ways To Calm Your Mind

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. As the days get shorter we will find ourselves inside the house more. I am busy working on an offering to help make your home become the sanctuary you would like it to be. I will let you know when that happens! For now, here are 5 SIMPLE TRICKS to help you stay calm during the chaos that may be swirling around you.

Trick #1 The Rubber Band

Place a rubber band around your wrist for one week. Every time you notice yourself having a negative or worrisome thought, snap the rubber band. This may seem a bit harsh, however, the act of snapping the rubber band will interrupt the negative thought you are having and help bring more awareness to your thoughts. You might be surprised what you notice. Do you have A LOT of negative thoughts or were you pleasantly surprised that you don’t? Most people are shocked to find out how much they worry or think negatively despite their best efforts.

Trick #2

Notice who you are hanging out with (even if it’s virtually or 6 feet apart:). Are they tricksters or treats to be around? What are these people saying to you? Is it something that makes you feel happy, sad, worried? Do you feel good when you are around them?

Trick #3

Schedule a digital detox. Just like an overload of sugar, we all can use a digital detox every now and then! Is it time for you to take a day off from social media or being online? Do you need to just breathe fresh air? Or, can you turn on some music and cook? I hear baking sourdough bread is fun:)

Trick #4

Notice what information you are taking in. This is along the same lines as trick #3 but has to do with what, where and how you are getting your information. Here is a great article about the news. I am not suggesting you bury your head in the sand by any means. I am simply suggesting that we pay attention to how we are getting information and how it affects our mental state. There are many ways to get information on current events and educate ourselves.


Trick #5

Make a zen list. This is a list of 8-10 things that soothe you. Have this list handy when you want to feel calm. Some examples for me are:
Taking a bath
Walking in nature
Seeing the ocean
Better yet – being in the ocean!
Being around animals
A hot tub soak with my family or some friends

Take care my friends and let’s stay connected – we need each other:)

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