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Kristen, Your Life & Health Coach

My work as a health and life coach is about bringing people up. It’s about listening and serving people in a way that meets their needs. It’s about being on their page and allowing them to discover what their aha’s and breakthroughs are in a way that’s full of curiosity and not judgement. It’s not all about thinking positively but more about looking inside yourself to discover your beliefs, values and thoughts to then transform them into ones that are more in alignment with who you want to be. As a good friend mentioned to me one time, “we only have 100 years here” so let’s make the most out of them! My dream is for everyone to feel better in their own skin really loving what they do, where they do it and who they do it with! I help people achieve their goals by working with them one-on-one in all the big areas of life: health, career, relationships and purpose.

Client Testimonials

“I have attended a personal growth group which Kristen has led for a couple of years now and my life has truly transformed since we started. Kristen is a great teacher and gives wonderful guidance. She asks the right questions and gives you suggestions on books and other material that will help you navigate whatever it is you are struggling with in life. A few of my favorite qualities in Kristen is her honesty and that she truly cares. She is such a wonderful and giving person. I highly recommend working with Kristen if you have any doubts on how to proceed or navigate where you are at in your life.”

Micaela M.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Kristen over the past 2 years on personal growth and development. If you are feeling stuck in life, Kristen is a great resource that and can help you take action and move you through what is holding you back, whether it be in your health, career, or personal life. She truly listens to your needs, offers authentic advice, leadership, and action steps to coach you through to your goals. She is encouraging and honest (even when its hard to hear) and she will hold you accountable to truly achieve the goals you are after.”

Maila C.

“Coming to Kristen was sort of an out of context move for me. I was working on my own to realize my dreams, both professionally in my career and also in my personal life for months and had reached an impasse that left me confused and stuck in my tracks. I had seemingly done all the introspective work I could do. And from the first meeting with Kristen, I knew that somehow through this coaching, I would find my answers. She is an experienced professional that listens intently to synthesize the thoughts you bring to the table. She communicates effectively to bridge the gap and build comparative connections, some of which you may not have even known about yourself. Having an objective person hear and help blend ideas into a vision is helpful beyond belief. Her form and assignments are thought provoking and unlike any I have done on my own in the past. The combination of all of the aforementioned professional attributes and her caring attitude make this one of the best investments of my life! Now I can confidently go forward and work on building my newly realized dreams! I highly recommend Kristen to anyone who needs a little extra boost when you just can’t seem to find the answers, she will work tirelessly alongside you to help you overcome.”

Matt Z.

“My life was transitioning and I was not transitioning with it. My home was was an example of this. I had cluttered zones filled with outdated toys and stacks of paperwork tucked into corners. Kristen lightly, brightly and professionally came into my space and patiently helped me transform my zones into a functional home that works for myself and my family. I realize now, in retrospect, that my cluttered house was a symptom of something bigger I needed to tackle. Kristen helped me target this, create a plan of action and move out of stagnation in my life. I realized I did not have to hold onto numerous old items to remember past occurrences. Kristen helped me with tools for maintaining clarity and consistent organization, allowing me to hold space for new experiences and opportunities, not old stuff! Thank you Kristen!”

Leigh Z.

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