How to Gain More Energy and Boost Productivity

04/28/21 11:00am pst

with Kristen Kurtz via online

Let’s be honest, most of us didn’t think we would still be dealing with COVID-19 over a year later! If you’re anything like the majority, you’re probably running out of energy and find it difficult to stay motivated from day to day.


So… If you’re feeling frustrated because nothing works or lasts, then know that you are not alone! Join me for this FREE workshop where I help Empower you with new ideas about health and wellness that work for you, share tips on how to increase your energy,¬†and elevate your state of being.


How To Gain More Energy And Boost Productivity - Kristen Kurtz Coaching Workshop


Here’s what you’ll walk away with:


  1. Learn simple practices you can do in the morning that will shift your entire day.
  2. Learn that less is more when it comes to self-care.
  3. Figure out what may be getting in the way of your being healthier and more intentional in your day.
  4. Find out more about what YOU enjoy (as opposed to what you think you should be doing).
  5. Learn how to show up for yourself resulting in you also showing up for others in a way that more authentic.

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