The Buzz Word Authenticity

The Buzz Word Authenticity

There is a buzz world that’s been circulating around the wellness & personal growth industry for years – authenticity. This word can feel more like a confusing puzzle piece in your head while trying to figure out what that word actually means to us and how do we become more authentic? To me, the meaning of being an authentic person in simple terms means that your inner image/version of yourself matches the outer version you project to the world. The dictionary’s definition of the word authentic is this: “of undisputed origin; genuine. representing of one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person identified”. So how do we become “true to ourself”? Here’s some tips to help along this journey.

#1) Surround yourself around your tribe – your people. The people who lift you up and stretch you to become the best version of yourself. These are the people that you feel really good being around.

#2) Spend quality time getting to know you. This is done through doing activities where you can really do what you enjoy, where you aren’t too distracted and can have some time with your thoughts. It allows you to build that relationship with yourself.

#3) Say “no” more! Avoid trying to people please or do things because you should. Do more things because you want to. Saying yes is not always a good thing. Say yes to the things that you will really show up for 100% is better than showing up half heartedly.

#4) This is a big one I think we all struggle with – do your best to avoid comparing yourself to others! This is a dangerous trap that doesn’t serve us at all!

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