How’s The Love?

How’s The Love?

Valentine’s Day was roughly one week ago…

I started out the day in my usual way- grabbing some tea (or half caff coffee now which started during the pandemic!) and going to sit on my yoga mat for a bit. I searched on my of my favorite meditation apps for a guided meditation. For a brief moment I thought to myself, “it is Valentine’s Day and maybe I’ll skip the meditation today so that I can make breakfast or go greet my hubby as soon as he gets up”.

I proceeded to do the meditation and it was THE BEST THING EVER! It ended up being about 30 minutes of my morning which filled me up for the REST OF THE DAY! Why, do we often deny ourselves or feel guilty when we decide to indulge in something that makes us feel great?

I wanted to share this simple practice with you and allow you to not feel one bit of guilt when you take part in self care practices that make you feel more calm, centered, grounded and peaceful. Just do it!

Start in a comfortable seated position
Breathe in for a few breaths closing your eyes
Ask yourself this question, “what do I need today?”
Allow 5 more minutes of silence as you explore the answer to this question.

I know you will find some answers that you can work with when you asked this question of yourself. I hope you enjoy this simple meditation.

P.S. We had a wonderful event last weekend called Create Your Best Life. Thank you to all those that attended! It was awesome! Please let me know if you want to know more about that or inquire about what else I offer).


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