Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

What is your vision for 2020? I have been seeing the messages everywhere in my life to have more fun! It seems like every podcast or instagram post I see all has this piece of advice. My best friend gives me an annual tarot card reading. We make it a ritual where we sit down with our tea and spend hours analyzing the cards she pulled for me. This is one way I like to have fun. Of course, in my 2020 reading with her the card playfulness came up. Ok, Universe..I get it.

Why do we have to get so serious and structured as adults? It occurred to me a few years ago that what I was lacking in my life was joy. How sad is that? Recently, I hosted a workshop and almost all of the attendees came because they wanted more creativity in their life. Having fun, being joyful and creative are all activities that should be present in our lives in order to have a full life.

Here’s are 5 simple ways to add more fun into your life.
#1) Play music. Put on your favorite station on Pandora or Spotify while you are around your house working, cleaning or hanging out with the fam.
#2) Go Boogie Boarding. Let me tell you this is fun. It will make you feel like a kid again. You will crack yourself up.
#3) Go dancing. Schedule a girl’s night out and dance. If you can’t do that just dance in your kitchen or as my mom calls it, “sit down dance” in the car or while you’re just chillin on couch.
#4) Have a pillow fight. Grab those couch pillows and go for it with anyone that will join you.
#5) Jump on a trampoline. This is a sure fire way to chuckle.

You can also create your own “fun list” and keep it where you can see it. This will serve as a good reminder to incorporate more play and fun into your daily routine.

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