Decrease Caffeine with A Morning Routine

Decrease Caffeine with A Morning Routine

I changed my morning routine and quit coffee.


Me and my coffee have had a 25 year long term relationship. A few years ago this relationship started to turn sour. Caffeine in my already on fire adrenals left me wired  and even anxious at times. I would be driving my daughter to school and instead of a calm drive, I would sometimes be tense with anxious thoughts of all I had to get done or worries about something.

I decided to see if I could stop for 2 weeks.


Here’s how I did it:

  1. Set yourself up both mentally and physically for success. This means prepare yourself with coffee alternatives that you enjoy!
  2. Be kind to yourself that first week. SLOW DOWN. You WONT get as much accomplished in the morning! Be ok with that and maybe let go of one or two things on your to do list. Be ok with that! Drink lots of water, get a massage that week, or a take a bath or walk outside. Plan on being a little bit slower.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon. The trick is to be more conscious about your coffee drinking. Use this as an opportunity to experiment, get curious and tune more into your body and how it feels. You can then make a better decision after the 2 weeks if you want to go back or  not.

I am happy to report that I’m on week 5 no coffee. Will I have a cup again? I am sure I will. Will I have it daily? I highly doubt it. It feels too good this way.
Please comment below if any of this resonates with you or you have a habit you want to let go of.

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