Changing Friends to Change Habits

Changing Friends to Change Habits

Remember that trouble maker friend you had growing up? The one that also got you to do things you know you shouldn’t be doing. The fact of the matter is who you spend your time with WILL effect if you succeed in life or not. Here are some tips to help you choose wisely:

Tip #1

Note the friends in your life that make you feel good, are supportive and are just plain old fun to be around. These are the people you want to hang out with more. Now list the people that don’t make you feel good. The ones that criticize you or try to hold you back or are just plain negative. These are the people you want to strictly limit your time with.

Tip #2

Have accountability partners. These are people that you can share your goals or dreams with that will give you a bit of that “tough love” when you are heading off course. Hiring a coach is also a great way to keep you accountable in reaching your goals.

Tip #3

Seek mentors. These are people who are already ahead of you that you admire. Mentors are willing to teach you what they know making it easier for you to accomplish your dreams and goals. Be sure you choose your mentors wisely being sure they truly reflect your vision for what you want.

Our time on this planet is truly valuable and a gift. Spend your time wisely doing what you love with those you love doing it with!

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