3 Tips for Easy Home Organizing

3 Tips for Easy Home Organizing

#1: Just Start

Most of us know we need to get things organized and cleared out in our home. The problem is we put it off for another day because the “idea” of organizing feels overwhelming.  The key is to simply start by setting aside a time one day (or smaller chunks each day for a week) to do the work.  You want to also prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the job by having supplies and knowing your end goal. Having the end goal in mind (i.e. a healthy home and clearer/calmer mind) will give you the push you need when you want to quit.

#2: Sort, Sort, Sort

This is where you will start with one area of your space. Have boxes or bags that you can label: trash box, donate box, maybe box, move to another area box and begin to sort like with like items. Organizing is like a muscle, the more you practice it, the easier it gets.

#3: Redesign and Refresh

This is the fun part!! All of your hard work will soon pay off here. You get to reinvent your newly organized and cleaned space into what you want! Have fun here and really reflect on how you want the space to look and feel. Studies show that your space can greatly effect your mental state.  Sometimes all you need is just a little change in your physical space to make that big change you wanted to in your life!

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